Brand Promise


At Ishan Foundation we have a strict policy against black money dealings and unlawful practice. That is why we accept only full cheque payment.

At Ishan Foundation our customer s satisfaction comes first. That is why we maintain the same price as promised to you despite the increase in per square foot costs of neighbouring projects.

When it comes to occupancy delays Ishan Foundation rates the lowest.

At Ishan Foundation every potential customer is shown every apartment irrespective of whether they can afford it or not.


A Ishan Foundation sample flat is anything but a sample flat. The environment of absolute peace and luxury instantly depicts how beautiful and luxurious your life would be. It makes you feel like youíve walked into your very own home.

When you look at a Ishan Foundation home the words sophisticated, luxurious and unparalleled come rushing to your mind. That s because we only employ the best international architects and landscape designers for all our projects.

Italian marble flooring, jacuzzis and steam rooms, mood lighting etc. are some of the specifications and amenities we provide you with. These amenities are not just superior but add to the luxury as well.

Ishan Foundation ensures top of the line raw materials and infrastructure on all its projects, whether it is a 60 lakh property or a 6 crore one.

A fully automated home was first brought to the city of Pune by Ishan Foundation . Now all Ishan Foundation properties boast of finger-click convenience.


An in-house team of trained technicians gives Ishan Foundation a distinctive advantage in installing the automation and creating customization for individual clients.

Our Founder s functionality based automation is the backbone of all automation that Ishan Foundation offers. The advantage of open protocol guarantees multiple vendors - more than 200 manufactures and vendors the world over.

A long term vision in supply of these devices has allowed Ishan Foundation to create masterpieces, year after year. This partnership has allowed Ishan Foundation to configure the most up-to-date intelligent homes, keeping it leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

In Ishan Foundation venture into commercial projects, the Building Management System plays an important role in security and energy conservation.


If you re ever in need of assistance with a loan and other pre-occupational formalities, Ishan Foundation and its dedicated personnel will come to your rescue.

Ishan Foundation employs a dedicated staff that enables the resale and lease of flats at no extra charge too.

We are always looking for ways to serve you better and that is why we have a dedicated CRM staff in charge of collecting your feedback and ensuring those concerns are dealt with.


Ishan Foundation believes in a greener tomorrow and that is why we incorporate environmentally conscious designs into all our projects.

Not only do we care for our occupants but its labourers as well. Labourers working on Ishan Foundation projects are provided with sufficient accommodation, extra safety precautions and state of the art equipment.

While their children receive a thorough education thanks to our CSR initiatives targeted at improving their way of life.