Our Founder & Teams proven project management skills and planning & desinging provide the basis of our approach to identifying and managing the interfaces between all parts of the project to deliver a complete multi-disciplinary solution.

We apply these skills throughout all of the phases of a project to ensure compatibility of the systems, compliance with the project specifications and co-ordination of implementation.

We have extensive experience in all of the individual ARCHITECTURE,PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT,PROJECT MANAGEMENT and INTERTIOR DESIGNING. We bring these together for multi-disciplinary projects and provide our customers with integrated infrastructure solutions and, where appropriate,co-ordination of the interfaces with the rolling stock suppliers.

By taking responsibility for a multi-disciplinary solution, we provide greater certainty of programme achievement to time, quality and cost. Our strong project management teams identify and actively manage all aspects of the project.

We place a particular emphasis on good communications between everyone involved, in the sure knowledge that this will help minimise risks and contribute to a safer environment for all who work on the project and for the public who will use the completed system

Our Founder and Manging Director Mr.Vasanth ensure perfection from the birth of the idea to its beautiful rendition in the real world.If you are armed with only a vision, our passion will see it through from its conceptualization to its successful completion, if you are a no-nonsense perfectionist who has chalked out plans to the last millimetre, well ensure that it is executed to meet its ultimate form. At Ishan, we manage end to end. Yes all of it and all the way.