Ishan’s Third space - Overview
  • Project type Retail - Largest Car Accessories Showroom in South India
  • LocationRam Nagar , Coimbatore
  • Project Size 21,000 sq.ft
  • Scope of work Architecture - Project management - Interior designing & Execution
  • StatusCompleted

We completed the design & execution of THIRD SPACE flagship store, south india’s largest car accessories and studio workshop. The store of a 10,000 sq.ft and Studio workshop of more than 10,000 sq.ft is located in shopping center of coimbatore. The store design is based on a three-dimensional grid that creates a visually permeable volume, which commands the space, while generating niches to expose the product. Very stylish rugged elevation structure with hung alloy wheels proves the attitude of the designer and client to bring up new style to the town. The glass facades sets a dedicated exhibition place up for each accessory, although it grants the versatility of the showroom, the display elements can be rearranged with the arrival of new products. Lighting works as compositional element that emphasizes the rhythm of the grid floor plan.

Striking Ferrari images on the ceiling optically enlarge the space. As we approach, the facade gradually discloses inside of the shop, creating a variety of different perspective views and diverse experiences in each spot. The shop window has a double reading, as the exhibition can be seen both from outside and inside, multiplying the effectiveness of exposure meters. A space at the back side of the store serves as studio workshop and staff facilities. More than 20 cars can be re altered at the same time, functional design of the workshop includes planning of electricity, water and modern equipments. Since the project located in the prime location of the town , it&rss natural for Mr.Vasanth & Team to expect more foot falls so the sign’s and directions , markings are meticulously planned. Trend setting elevation design with the mix of modernism in a rugged style.

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